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about me

I am a dancer and a philosopher. Both dimensions of my work inform one another and share common principles.
Working in dance and philosophy has enriched my life greatly, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to engage in both of these pursuits.

"This is the most important teaching: not two, and not one. Our body and mind are not two and not one. . . . Our body and mind are both two and one."
Shunryu Suzuki

"The autonomous person is not just a being that wills, desires, thinks, reasons and chooses... [the autonomous person] is also embodied, a being in time and space, mortal, ‘natural’."
Nicole Speletic

aims and aspirations

I would like to keep moving, living in my body, aware and appreciative.
I would like to bring this awareness, enjoyment and understanding of the self-through-body to more people.
I would like to do more collaborating with artists and thinkers working to make art that addresses the needs of society.
In particular I would like to be involved in art that fosters awareness of ourselves as physical beings,
integrally part of an organic world of matter and energy - and awareness of ourselves as meaningful beings, to whom things matter and who need to matter.

artist's statement and biography

You can read a personal, descriptive account of my development, studies, practice and inspirations here.

full CV

You can find a complete artistic and academic CV with chronological lists of my teaching experience, creative projects and performances here (pdf file).


If you have any questions or would like to reach me please feel free to contact me.

my work

The pages with full information on my dance work, philosophy work and projects can be accessed from here.
Recent and upcoming performances, classes and other activities are listed here.