As a choreographer often my own visions, images and inspirations drive my work. But I am also very open to working on assignment, creating for a specific purpose, for an individual or community, and offering my talents in their service if suitable.

thematic interests

I am especially interested in dance that is gestural or abstracted and expressive of the human condition. I want to create more works that give expression to basic but sensitive human experiences and the fragility and flux of these times.
  • intimate experiences between two or a few people, like our halted fumblings from stranger to friendship
  • community experiences, like the commemoration, grief and celebration of a life ended. Secondly I am interested in taking what seems to be merely technique training or exercise and crafting it into a dance. I would like to transform movements that are good for the body into a dance that is creative and inspiring.


    I want to do more work that brings together professional and non-professional performers in a common project.


    I enjoy working in different settings – a park, a chapel, an academic conference, a gallery, a theater . . .


    I enjoy collaborating with other artists, such as musicians, sound-designers and other choreographers. I am interested in dance accompanied by music, sound or text - from classical music to original sound scores to live narration.


    I am particularly inspired by the dance works of Jiří Kylián, Doris Humphrey, Ohad Naharin, Liz Lerman, Headlong Dance and Cloud Gate Dance Theater, as well as the works of Georgia O’Keefe, Camille Claudel, Antonio Gaudi, Josef Plečnik, Philip Glass, Yann Tiersen, and others.

    choreographic works

    More Emocija - A Sea of E|motion (June 2017)

    A piece conceived and created by invitation for 'aMORE', a festival dedicated to the sea and held in the coastal town of Poreč, Croatia. Inspired by depictions of the sea in mythology, literature and metaphor, as well as themes from the Limon Dance Company repertory and Sue Bernard, and developed over a 10-day workshop period. Pictures and more here.

    Human/Nature (February 2012)

    Collaborative performance piece for Slovenian National Culture Day celebrations in Sostanj, Slovenia, consisting of all original elements including an image collage with sound score (by Boštjan Perovšek), a revised version of the solo work To the Core, and an interactive section for dancer and clay sculptor using live projection animation within a structured improvisational score. The whole work focused on the overlap and separations between the 'human' and the 'natural', and the desire to get to the heart of one's 'true nature' and break out of constraining, external and internal forces.

    Dance for a friend (October 2011)

    Solo to a Bach cantata (sung live) to celebrate the life of Harriet Sheldon, (26-10-1944 – 4-6-2011) for her memorial at St Mark’s Church, New York City.

    To the Core (April 2011)

    Revision of Not an Apple performed at International Dance Week Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Time’s Embrace (June 2011)

    A work in progress – an artistic and documentary dance/mixed-media project inspired by the search for one’s roots in the past or a better life ahead, a project motivated in part by loss and longing, chance and choice and the search and discovery of places and stories. (Filmed on site in Slovenia and New York)
    Rough cut of an excerpt from Time's Embrace, an artistic and documentary dance/mixed media project inspired by loss and longing, seeking one's roots in the past or a better life ahead, and about place and discovery.
    (Slovenia 2011)

    See Me (ver. 2) (December 2010)

    This work tries to capture something of the fragile nature of engaging and connecting with another; the missed connections and false starts, hesitations and compassionate impulses that somehow become friendship. Revised version of first section of two-part duet originally created in 2009 for the Peace and Non-Violence Colloquium.

    Universal Construct (May 2010)

    This piece evolved into an exploration of the attitudes and feelings we have about the principles that structure our lives, and an imaginative play on the pun of universal construct and constructing a universe. Collaborative project with Sue Bernhard, a 10-minute solo of dance and movement for myself set to John Cage selections and silence.

    Lumina (November 2009)

    Abstracted group work for five advanced student dancers at LIU to Philip Glass’ Violin Concerto.

    What is Humphrey-Limón Modern Dance? (July 2009)

    Performance / Presentation - Home for the Elderly, Ljubljana, Slovenia – a technique and style demonstration of classic modern dance, through short movement sequences with explanations, and final demonstration of a solo crafted in that style.

    See Me, Reach Me, Know Me, Free Me (April 2009)

    Duet in two sections created for Peace and Non-Violence Colloquium at Long Island University.

    Winter Suite (December 2008)

    Suite of two duets, one solo, and text narration with sound-score; structured improvisation duet winter winds, revised version of Better than X for holiday audience, revised form of solo Simple Sources of Joy; for Soundance Studio, Brooklyn winter showing.

    Secret Dreams of Trees II (November 2008)

    Structured improvisation for group of dancers in theater aisles, a movement choir for three sub-groups, and two individuals moving through and interacting with groups, accompanied by dancing musician improvising on cello and voice.

    Better than X (October 10, 2008)

    Duet expressing the joy of “real” play vs electronic gaming, for Malina Rauschenfels “Music and More” concert, City Center Studios; Music: Benjamin Britten Choreography: Nicole Speletic Dancers: Sadie Gilbertson, Nicole Speletic.

    State of Confusion (September 2008)

    A one-minute gesture piece created in 2 weeks to an assigned one-minute long piece of music. Music: Polly-Moller. Choreographed and performed by Nicole Speletic.
    State of Confusion, a 1-minute dance to an assigned piece of music; for 60x60, a music and dance collaborative performance held in Brooklyn.
    (New York 2008)

    Secret Dreams of Trees I (April 2008)

    Structured improvisation for group of dancers, in theater seats, “office” section, percussion and office sounds original score, “wind” section with wind-chimes, wind music score, recycled paper and “trees.”

    Time’s Embrace (May-June 2007)

    Site-specific solo created at Zale cemetery in Ljubljana, Slovenia for video, inspired by the cycle of life and death, and our connections to one another through our lived experience and our shared mortality, dedicated to the memory of Peter J. Speletic.

    Bound Flow, Free Flow (May 24, 2007)

    Group work for 16 beginning dance students at Long Island University, on theme of river as metaphor for restriction that stimulates a surge for freedom.

    To Rise Again (May 21, 2007)

    Group work for 16 beginning dance students at Nassau Community College on the metaphorical possibilities in the physicality of falling and rising.

    Innocents or Simple Sources of Joy (April 2007 and November 2006)

    Solo inspired by character of Lizaveta in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, set to original composition by Malina Rauschenfels, performed in City Center Studios, N.Y.C., performed by graduating student of Long Island University Dance Dept in April 2007.

    Not an Apple (June 2006)

    Collaborative solo with Malou Thein of dance, movement and spoken word performed at The Field, New York City.

    E Pluribus Unum (April 2006)

    Group work for 13 beginning dance students at Long Island University, on theme of individuality and unity.

    Fight or Flight? (April 2006)

    Group works for 14 beginning dance students at Long Island University on theme of conflictual or cooperative relations.

    Got Music? (December 2005)

    Group work for 16 beginning dance students at Long Island University.